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Posted: March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
After such a long time, I thought of giving a new life to my blog with a poem that i wrote… My first one.. 🙂

Change, the rule of life…

Some changes are good. Some changes aren’t.
Some makes you wonder and others hit u like a punch.
But all are Inevitable and certain.
Sometimes you wake up in the morning having things planned
By the end of day, you wish the day was barred
Let me tell you, all the things are as they are supposed to be.
It’s just that we don’t understand them as they meant to be.
Life, seems a heavy word for most of them including me
But it’s also a beautiful lesson that you get for free.
I’m not saying all things in life are fair, it never has to be
And at some point everyone will thank the life for being unfair too.
If you wind back your memories, you’ll look at both the odds
The good and the bad, because that’s what the life is all about.
I came crying into this world, crawled up to be a young guy,
Walked on to be a person, and then looked ahead.
The road is still a long long way.
But yes I love to hit the road, Its adventure again

        – Prateek Shankar

My first post!!!

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone

This is Prateek here and i have come up with this blog which am writing to share some of my thoughts with the World. I have written some blogs before , but this is the first blog that i have created and this would be the first post of it.

In here, am gonna share with u some of general topics which sometimes occur to me , anything could it be like related to computers, technology, automobiles, sports, science ,thoughts on life, in short everything.

So here looking for a good beginning

Thank you.